Two easy ways to watch your videos again.

Transfer your videos to a USB flash drive or a DVD.


Tape to flash drive

Your digitized videos on a flash drive, ready to play and share in an instant. 

  • $17/tape (up to 2 hours), $3/extra hour

  • Bring your own USB flash drive or purchase one from us starting at $14.


Tape to DVD

Labeled DVDs, automatic chapter markers, and best of all, no rewinding!

  • $24/tape (up to 2 hours), $10/additional 2 hours

    • Discounts for tapes less than 35 minutes when tapes can share a DVD

  • Popular add-ons

    • Hard plastic DVD cases: $1/case

    • Extra DVD copies - $8/DVD (25% off 2 or more copies)

    • Video files transferred to your own flash drive: $10

    • No flash drive? Buy one from us: $14

other details

  • Supported formats: VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini-DV, and audio cassettes.

  • Unsupported formats: Betamax, reel-to-reel, PAL formats, photo slides.

  • Copyrighted videos not eligible for transfer without written approval from copyright holder.

  • $4/tape charge for any tapes not transferred (blank tapes, random TV recordings, etc).

I had over 100 VHS tapes and a handful of 8mm converted to DVD. The quality of the audio/video on the DVDs was very good. They kept me informed of the status and delivered a quality product even faster than promised.
— James Barnett, San Antonio, TX

WHY US over the big guys?

Learn why your tapes are in better hands with us vs. the folks at Costco or Walgreens,

  • We've never lost a tape.
    Our unique tracking system keeps your tapes carefully organized and secure, while professionally monitored 24/7. 

  • Drop off your tapes in person.
    We come and pick them up your tapes, while some competitors put your tapes in the mail.

  • We're here for you.
    We respond to most inquiries within minutes. That’s important when dealing with the only copies of your videos. 

  • We perform all our magic by hand.
    To ensure you get the best quality transfer, all work is done manually to test every video. Other companies use automated machines.

  • 100% customer satisfaction since 2011.
    Consistently Austin’s most trusted tape transfer provider. Check out our Yelp reviews.