• What do you charge for tape transfers?

    • Our pricing is $18/tape for flash drive transfers, and $23/tape for DVD transfers.*

  • What happens when a tape is longer than 2 hours?

    • There is a charge of $3/add'l hour for flash drive transfers, and $10/add'l 2 hours for DVD transfers.

  • Some of my tapes are really short. Do they cost the same as a full tape?

    • For Tape2DVD transfers only, additional discounts are given for videos less than 35 minutes.

  • What if some of my tapes are blank or just random TV shows? I have a box of tapes and I don’t know what’s on half of them…

    • Don't worry, you’re only charged $6/tape for any tapes not transferred. We review every tape in its entirety to check for any home video footage.

  • What size flash drive do I need?

    • A 2 hour video can take up to 2GB, so 5 tapes would fit on a 16GB flash drive. You can bring in your own flash drive, or purchase a 16GB ($12) or our Signature 128GB Drive ($39) that works with your iPhone.

  • Should I do a flash drive or a DVD transfer?

    • A flash drive transfer is the most popular and affordable option since it's easier to access, and the videos can be edited on a computer. You can now get our Signature Flash Drive that works with your iPhone. A DVD transfer is the legacy option, and is convenient if you want to order multiple sets for friends and family. Unsure? Get the best of both with a DVD transfer and add our Signature Flash Drive.


  • Where are you located?

    • Visit our retail partner Pak Mail in North Austin to drop off your tapes. Come back when they’re done!

  • What is Pak Mail?

    • Pak Mail is a shipping and mailbox company that also does fulfillment for small businesses. The owners of Pak Mail and Save Your Tapes have known each other for over 20 years and they’ve been business partners since 2012. While other video transfer companies ship off your videos behind the scenes, we pick up and drop off your tapes ourselves. Pak Mail is conveniently located, open Monday - Saturday, and monitored professionally 24/7 —- an important safeguard when handling your precious memories. You can even use our SafeMail service to have your order shipped back to you and save you a trip back to the store.

  • Do I need to pay when I drop off my videos?

    • Payment is not due until services are completed. You'll receive an invoice once your order is complete that you can pay when you pick up with a credit or debit card.

  • I don't live in Austin, TX. Can I mail in my tapes?

    • Yes. Before mailing your tapes, place your order online first. Don’t mail anything to us without placing your order.


  • Why choose you over the bigger companies?

    • We’re a smaller company, which allows us to have a much closer relationship with our customers and provide a higher level of service. Our entire process is done manually and every video is quality checked in order to get the highest quality transfer possible. Our pricing is competitive, and we stand behind our work which is done locally in Austin, TX.

  • How long does it take?

    • Our average turn around is 5-7 days but varies depending on current volume and how many tapes you bring in. If you need your order completed by a set date, please reach out to us regarding Rush status.

  • What tapes can you transfer?

    • We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, Hi8/Digital8/Video8, Mini-DV, and audio cassettes.

  • What tapes can you NOT transfer?

    • We are unable to transfer Betamax, PAL format tapes, and reel to reel film.

  • Do I get my tapes back once my order is complete?

    • Absolutely. We always return your original tapes after they are transferred.

  • I have an expired Groupon voucher, is it worth anything?

    • An expired voucher is still worth the amount paid. For example, if you paid $20 for a voucher, you get a $20 discount!

Still have questions? Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

* For audio cassette transfers only, there is an additional charge of $2/tape.