Two easy ways to watch your videos again.

You can watch your videos on a USB or iPhone flash drive, or on classic DVDs.


Tape to flash drive

Your digitized videos on a flash drive, ready to play and share in an instant. 

  • $18/tape (up to 2 hours), $4/extra hour

  • Bring your own USB flash drive, get a 16GB ($12) or 64GB ($19) flash drive from us, or get our 128GB SYT Edition Drive ($39) that plugs into iPhones, computers, and TVs. 

Tape to DVD

Labeled DVDs, automatic chapter markers, and best of all, no rewinding!

  • $23/tape (up to 2 hours), $10/additional 2 hours

    • Discounts for tapes less than 35 minutes when tapes can share a DVD

  • Add-ons

    • Hard plastic DVD cases: $0.75/case

    • Extra DVD copies - $5/DVD (20% off 2 or more extra copies)

    • Video files transferred to your own flash drive: $5

    • No flash drive? Get one from us for $10 or get our 128GB SYT Edition Drive ($39) that plugs into iPhones, computers, and TVs.

other details

  • Supported formats: VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini-DV, and audio cassettes.

  • Unsupported formats: Betamax, reel-to-reel, PAL formats.

  • Copyrighted videos not eligible for transfer without written approval from copyright holder.

  • $6/tape charge for any tapes not transferred (blank tapes, random TV recordings, etc).

  • $2/tape additional charge for audio cassette transfers.

I had over 100 VHS and Hi8 tapes converted to a flash drive. The quality of the audio/video was very good. They kept me informed of the status and delivered a quality product even faster than promised.
— James Barnett, Customer since 2011

WHY US over the big guys?

Discover why your tapes are in better hands with us vs. the folks at Costco or Walgreens.

  • We've never lost a tape.
    Our unique tracking system keeps your tapes carefully organized and secure, while our facilities are professionally monitored 24/7. 

  • Drop off your tapes in person.
    We personally pick up your tapes, while most competitors ship your tapes in the mail.

  • We're super nice.
    Call or email us. We’re always available. That’s important when dealing with the only copies of your videos. 

  • We perform all our magic by hand.
    To ensure you get the best quality transfer, all our work is done manually and we quality check every video. Other companies use automated machines.

  • 100% customer satisfaction since 2011.
    Consistently rated Austin’s most trusted tape transfer provider. Check out our Yelp reviews.