our standard terms and conditions

Standard terms

Tapes are transferred at our off-site studio in Austin, picked up weekly by our staff. Per tape rate assumes tapes are 130 minutes or less. Any tape that goes over this limit is billed an additional charge ($9 per 2 hours for DVDs, $3/hour for flash drive transfers). Tapes degrade over time and are transferred as is. Any blank tapes or tapes not transferred will be assessed a charge of $3.50. Save Your Tapes LLC does not transfer adult content.

Tape2DVD special terms

Unless requested, multiple tapes are placed onto same DVD when possible to save space, time, and number of DVDs. All DVDs carry a limited 1 year warranty covering manufacturing defects only. Ripping DVDs is not supported. Save Your Tapes LLC supports all major manufacturer DVD player brands. Non-major manufacturer brand DVD players and multifunction devices may not be compatible and are not supported.

Tape2flash drive special terms

We are not responsible for data loss that may occur on a customer provided flash drive. If you are providing your own flash drive, please back it up prior to leaving it with us.

Once order is completed

Contact by phone and email will be made upon completion of order. If order is not picked up within 7 days of completion, reminder emails will be sent after 14 days, 21 days, and 30 days. If completed order is not picked up after 60 days and multiple good faith attempts of contact have been made by phone & email, the order will be canceled, assessed up to a $15 late charge, and/or tapes and DVDs recycled. Order will then need to be shipped out at the customer’s expense. Digital copies of transfers will be kept on our systems for an extra 60 days in the event the videos & DVDs are recycled.  Save Your Tapes LLC is not responsible for any damages to tapes during transfer.